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  1. Company Culture
    Screw air compressor maintenance
    Date:2012-04-26 16:16:55
    Maintenance projects, in addition to the three maintenance projects, it takes another:
    1, check the screw joint contact and insulation resistance of the electrical part of the air compressor;

    2, replace the motor grease replaced every 8000 hours (per run), such as equipment specification parameters by manual prevail;

    3, the cleaning load reduction valve (intake valve);

    Cleaning the minimum pressure valve (to maintain the pressure valve);

    5, the cleaning of the check valve of the oil return;

    6, cleaning thermostatic valve;

    7, cleaning the cooler;

    8, cleaning of the water-gas separator;

    9, correcting all the parameters.

    Note: The above maintenance should only equipment to confirm no electricity, no pressure.

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