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  1. Company Culture
    Recycling of waste compressor oil
    Date:2012-04-12 22:10:39
    The many uses of waste air compressor oil, separating agent can do architectural template, can be made waterproof coating, can be extracted from diesel fuel, can restore high quality oil can be extracted from HD gasoline, diesel ...... In short, uses a lot. The most direct use of it as a compressor oil system cleaner. The method is adding a dispersant, they are concentrated precipitate. Replacement air compressor oil, air compressor oil system, cycle a certain period of time after release. The last to join the normal use of air compressor oil. China is an oil-poor countries need to import most of the petroleum products, and now countries are advocating the creation of a conservation-oriented society. Compressor oil recycling waste, not only to prevent environmental pollution, and also corporate and national resource conservation.
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