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    Management of the compressor room
    Date:2012-04-12 22:09:51
    Should choose a wide, well-lit place space and lighting, facilitate air compressor operation, maintenance and repair required. Compressor room ground must be flat and hard (the general cement floor can be), should also be careful to keep the floor clean, free of debris accumulation, especially inflammable and explosive materials, and shall be equipped with fire extinguishers and other facilities, so that the engine room security protection. 3 air compressor placed should be careful not to close to the wall, to set aside a certain distance, to ensure ventilation and maintenance space, but also conducive to the care and maintenance of the air compressor. Air compressor room should maintain a certain ambient temperature should not be higher than 35 ° C should not be less than 0 ° C. Note Pneumatic room temperature control in the lower state as possible, air compressor air to absorb the higher temperatures will reduce the amount of exhaust. 5. Room where the spaces should be kept dry, well-ventilated and dust-less, fresh air, avoid dusty, oily, moist environment, so as to reduce the damage to the air compressor, thus extending its life, but can not make empty press inhaled gases, corrosive gases, paint molecules containing explosive or chemical composition of instability or steam air compressor to use personnel so as not to endanger or cause the unit to quickly damage. 6. Operating personnel should be familiar with the operating manual to the implementation of the operation and maintenance of air compressors, equipment service personnel must be notified immediately when troubles (including the operating state). Usually should pay attention to the care and maintenance of the various components of the air compressor on a regular basis, so that the machinery and equipment in the best run state. 7 air compressor room pressure pipeline is strictly prohibited bump, non-removable case charged with pressure. Reasonable use of the environment, still contain a lot of water and traces of oil in the compressed air, these will reduce the plant's production efficiency and product quality, but also can not be the untreated air directly used for breathing gas or food contact, which must be equipped with a compressed air purification equipment.
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